Welcome to the Environmental Social Psychology Lab (conducting Environment-Behavior Studies)!


In the Environmental Social Psychology Lab, we are engaged in empirical research which aims to address environmental issues by employing social research, experiments and gaming approaches, to ascertain the relationships between individual behaviors and wider society. In particular, we value perspectives that search for appropriate approaches by rediscovering the problems experienced in our daily lives and reconsidering aspects of society and the world, which are not usually questioned. Similarly, we value perspectives, which seek to effect “actual practices” performed in reality and thus enable environmental issues to be addressed.

“What is desirable for an entire society?” We constantly raise this question to people with the hope that we can contribute to the establishment of systems through which many more people can become actively involved in the decision making processes which are used to create rules and regulations for all of society.

Join our lab as a graduate student!

The Center for Experimental Research in Social Science (CERSS), Hokkaido University is recruiting ambitious graduate students (click here for the details).