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Susumu Ohnuma


Professor, Department of Behavioral Science, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University


Harmonize, but do not conform (The Analects of Confucius (Confucius), a Chinese philosophy BC 5th century)

No wonder that “harmony” and “cooperation” are important.
However, it does not mean “conformity”.
Yet, it is not easy to avoid from conforming to majority.

Knowing is acting, acting is knowing (a Chinese philosophy, which emphasize the learning through practice (Confucius, revised by Wang Yangming in 15-16th century).

c. f. There is nothing so practical as a good theory (Kurt Lewin) .
At the same time, “There is nothing so theoretical as a good practice”.
Nevertheless, I am struggling to resolve the gap between attitudes and behaviors of myself.

 Post Doctoral Fellow  

Yukihide Shibata

procedural justice, risk governance, fear of crime



Qinglin Cui

Decision support,Deliberation process,Experimental approach



Graduate students, Research students   

  • Yume Souma (M2)

    group decision-making, public deliberation, common goods



  • Mie Tsujimoto (M2)

    consensus building, gaming simulation, public acceptance



Undergraduate students

  • Honami Ue (BC4)
  • Nana Kihara (BC4)
  • Yuto Suzuki (BC4)
  • Shintaro Yuki (BC4)
  • Ririka Imai (BC3)
  • Tomohiro Hara (BC3)
  • Maiko Takamoto (BC3)