Department of Behavioral Science, Hokkaido University

Center for the Sociality of Mind

The Center for the Sociality of Mind (CSM) is located in the Department of Behavioral Science,
Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University(Social Psychology). CSM is also supported by
following Departments:Department of Psychology (Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology),
Department of Humanity and Human Sciences (Ethics), Department of Human Developmental Science,
Faculty of Education (Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology), Modern Economics and
Business Administration Major,Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration
(Evolutionary Economics, Experimental Economics).

An infrastructure for the research activities at CSM is provided by the Center for Experimental
Research in Social Sciences (CERSS). Following the Center for the Study of Cultural and Ecological
Foundations of the Mind (CEFOM/21), CERSS was established in April 2007 at Hokkaido University.