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YUKI, Masaki

Professor | Social psychology, cultural psychology

Using a socioecological approach, my research focuses on how characteristics of society impact the human behavior and psychology.

Associate professor | Social psychology

With a strong “backbone” framework rooted in a “macro-micro” social psychology, and taking an adaptation theoretical approach, I conduct research into the interaction between the individual and society.
ONUMA, Susumu

Associate professor | Environmental social psychology

I take a social psychological approach towards consensus making and public acceptance, focusing on issues which require public decision making involving entire societies. I mainly deal with social dilemmas, procedural justice, risk governance, and trust.

Associate professor | Behavioral neuroeconomics, quantum decision theory

My aims are to elucidate the molecular and neural mechanisms underlying decision making (e.g., decisions under uncertainty, inter-temporal choice, and social decision making), using theoretical and experimental techniques from scientific disciplines such as neurobiology, psychophysics, and quantum information theory.
TAKEZAWA, Masanori

Associate Professor | Social psychology, cultural evolution

In the last decade, researchers in different disciplines have been trying to synthesize social sciences under a Darwinian evolutionary framework. This newly emerging field is best called evolutionary social science. I have been working closely in close relation with this movement both theoretically and empirically.

Associate Professor | Comparative developmental cognitive science

The core theme of my research rests on exploring the evolutionary and developmental process of the nonhuman social animals’ cooperative mind and its psychological basis, using the perspective of comparative cognitive (developmental) science.

Assistant Professor | Applied statistics

My focus is on developing tools and analytical strategies for extracting meaning and insight from complex experimental and survey data.

Assistant Professor | Social neuroscience, ERP

My research goal is to understand the sociality of the human mind. One of my current projects is to examine how the presence of others influences conscious and unconscious emotion regulation processes in our brains.
Christopher Kavanagh

Visiting Postdoc Fellow (Oxford University)

My current research is focused on exploring the cognitive features underlying the acquisition and transmission of rituals using cross-cultural and quasi-experimental methods.
ONODA, Ryuichi

Departmental Research Fellow

My research reveals the role of groups in the maintenance of generalized exchange (cooperative sociality among unrelated individuals in one-shot interaction).

Using cross-cultural methods, I investigate how socio-ecological environments and individual characteristics interact, as well as their effect on interpersonal emotions and behaviors.

Using computer simulations and experiments, my current research is focused on the evolution of cooperation and punishment.
SUYAMA, Masaki

JSPS Doctoral Research Fellow (DC1)

My research focuses on investigating the psychological and social foundations and evolutionary roots for human’s cumulative cultural knowledge.
KINJO, Takuji

My research focuses on the rationality/irrationality of human decision making.
KIM, Hye-rin

My current research interests are focused on exploring the behavioral-cognitive algorithms for collective intelligence and the influence of social learning on group decision-making.
OGUSU, Natsuki

Making use of the knowledge of animal behavior and ecology, I study the dynamics of relational mobility and individual strategies.

My current research is focused on exploring why utilitarian judgment (involving other-sacrifice) occurs, using cross-cultural and quasi-experimental methods.
KITA, Toshimasa

I’m interested in social norms. In my current research, I study the inductive learning of social norms, in line with grammar acquisition theory.

I’m studying social neuroscience. My research interest is social exclusion & support for people who are socially excluded.

I investigate how people reach agreement and acceptance in a decision making scenario that involves decisions affecting broader society, using behavioural games and experiments.
IINO, Mari

I investigate perception of risk
KAWASE, Marina

I investigate how humans and other animals communicate by using emotional information with each other, using experimental and observational methods.
BABA, Chihiro

My current research is whether domestic animals are sensitive to human emotion and how the sensitivity has been developed.
ZHANG, Feng Zhi

Using a socioecological approach, I investigate how praise can have an influence on cooperative behavior.