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  • Yokoyama Miki, Ohnuma Susumu, Hirose Yukio (2019.8.28). Can the Veil of Ignorance Create Consensus?: A Qualitative Analysis Using the Siting for a Contaminated Waste Landfill Game. In Wardaszko Marcin (Ed.) Simulation & Gaming: Through times and across disciplines, past and future, heritage and progress, 105-119. ISBN: 978-8389437-71-6.
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  • 大沼進 (2019.9.12). 除去土壌の問題と 帰還困難解除された地域で 生活再建を目指す人々. 日本心理学会第83回大会公開シンポジウム「災害復興と心理学」(立命館大学, 茨木市)
  • Ohnuma, S., Yokoyama, M., Mizutori, S. (2019.9.4). Procedural fairness as an evaluative yardstick of public acceptance:  A case study of multiple stepwise participatory programs for developing a master plan for environment Sapporo Japan. Symposium: Evaluation of citizen participation: criteria, challenges, and publication. International Conference on Environmental Psychology 2019. [oral] (University of Plymouth, UK)


  • Yokoyama, M., Ohnuma, S., Hirose, Y. (2019.8.28). Can the Veil of Ignorance Create Consensus?: A Qualitative Analysis Using the Siting for aContaminated Waste Landfill Game. The International Simulation and Gaming Association 50th Anniversary Conference.


  • 横山実紀・大沼進・近藤由基 (2019.9.11). NIMBY問題における負担の分散が社会的受容に与える影響:除去土壌再生利用事業を用いた仮想シナリオ実験. 日本心理学会第83回大会 [ポスター発表] (立命館大学, 茨木市)
  • 大沼進・横山実紀・竹田宜人・万福裕造 (2019.9.11). 帰還困難区域から日常生活を取り戻す営みと 除去土壌をめぐる認識の地域差. 日本心理学会第83回大会 [ポスター発表] (立命館大学, 茨木市)