A very brief overview

The Culture, Social Ecology, and Psychology lab here at Hokkaido University is currently working on the World Relationships Study: A survey of individuals from 40 countries, delivered in 21 languages. The survey is short…only 5 minutes. But if all goes well, we hope our fun survey will achieve the following outcomes:

– Allow participants to reflect on their own romantic relationships and friendships.
– Provide us with insight into the nature of the social structures in a diverse set of countries.

Call for collaborators

We’re currently looking for collaborators to help with translation of the survey materials. For those interested, you may wish to take a look at our Call for Collaborators flyer (here). Also get connected and receive updates via the study’s Facebook page. Taking the lead on this project is the lab’s own Robert Thomson. Email Robert at rob.thomson@lynx.let.hokudai.ac.jp if you’d like to know more or get involved.

Survey link

We’d love to paste a link to the survey here, but at present the idea is to advertise the survey on Facebook in select countries (see the Call for Collaborators flyer), and allow the survey link to organically spread from there. At some point we may provide links to the survey in each language (once again see the Call for Collaborators flyer), so do get connected via the Facebook page, or subscribe to our lab’s news RSS feed in your feed reader to keep on top of the updates.