Date: Thursday 23 February 2017
Time: 10.30-12pm
Venue: E304, Graduate School of Letters
Speaker: Dr Kim-Pong Tam(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor)
Title: Enriching the understanding of culture and psychology with the concept of perceived norms

In the study of culture and psychology, behavior has often been explained in terms of psychological characteristics (e.g., values,
beliefs) that individuals have internalized from the culture. In this talk, I will highlight the concept of perceived norms as an equally important but often overlooked explanatory construct. I will summarize the development of this perceived norms perspective in the last decade, and review empirical evidence for its usefulness in such issues as cultural identification, cross-cultural differences in social judgment, and cultural transmission. The broader implications of this perspective for the conceptualization and measurement of culture will also be discussed.