Using Psychology and World History to Test Anthropological Theories
CERSSコロキウム | 2017.4.20


場所:人文社会科学総合教育研究棟 W409室

スピーカー:Prof. Harvey Whitehouse (Chair of Social Anthropology, Director of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford/北海道大学 社会科学実験研究センター連携研究員) 、Dr. Pieter François (Senior Lecturer in Digital History, University of Hertfordshire/ Research Coordinator of the Cultural Evolution
Group at ICEA, U. Oxford)


タイトル:Using Psychology and World History to Test Anthropological Theories
アブストラクト: Field research in anthropology has generated some compelling hypotheses
about the mechanisms by which groups may be formed, inspired, and coordinated. And in recent years efforts have been made to test many of those hypotheses using carefully controlled psychological experiments. The results of all this research have led to a set of predictions about how social complexity evolves in human history. Seshat: Global History Databank was created to test theories of this kind - a massive storehouse of world history allowing researchers to quantify patterns in the evolution of social complexity.Two of the founding directors of Seshat explain what inspired their database, how it works, and what it can do.

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