Food for thought: The potential of a social approach to promote heal thy, sustainable eating.
CERSSコロキウム | 2023.10.5

  • 日時:2023年10月5日(木)10:30-12:00
  • 場所:文学部E棟3階E304室 (Zoomとのハイブリッド開催)
  • Zoom: こちらをクリックしてください
  • スピーカー:Jutta Mata (Professor of Health Psychology, University of Mannheim; Director, Mannheim Center of Data Science)
  • タイトル:Food for thought: The potential of a social approach to promote healthy, sustainable eating.

Unbalanced nutrition and related diseases are currently among the biggest challenges to public health in industrialized societies. Many behavioral change interventions have had limited success in long-term change of nutrition and eating behaviors. One possible explanation is that past interventions have conceptualized eating as individual behavior. Yet, eating is a social activity: Over the course of evolution, humans have used food to establish social bonds; by the age of 20, a person has eaten about 20,000 meals, the majority in company. In this talk, I start by presenting a theoretical synthesis on the role of social context in eating behavior that is helpful to understand eating in various social contexts, including romantic couples, families, peers, and online communities. I then showcase empirical research that uses the tools of the psychological and computational social sciences, such as experiments, intensive ecological recordings, and analyses of social media, to assess social aspects of eating behavior. I will talk about how a social approach could further increase the synergies between promoting healthier eating and sustainability. I end by proposing that health psychology should aim to harness the power of a social approach to achieving long-term change of eating behaviors and nutrition, as well as health behaviors more broadly.