International Symposium co-supported by GCOE “Cultural Neuroscience”
Joint Workshop | 2008.5.25

Note: This workshop was jointly held with Scientific Research on Priority Areas “Experimental Social Sciences”.

Date: May 24-25, 2008

Location: Enyuu Gakusha, Hokkaido University

Participants:Nalini Ambady (Tufts University), Incheol Choi (Seoul National University), William Gehring (University of Michigan), Shihui Han (Peking University), Trey Hedden (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Keiko Ishii (Hokkaido University), Shinobu Kitayama (University of Michigan), Richard Lewis (Pomona College), Hideki Ohira (Nagoya University), Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Osaka University), Taiki Takahashi (Hokkaido University), Motoki Watabe (Waseda University), Hiroshi Ban (Kyoto University), Sun Hae Sul (Seoul National University), Yuri Miyamoto (University of Wisconsin), Kan Takeuchi (Hitotsubashi University), Mayumi Karasawa (Tokyo Woman's Christian University), Toshio Yamagishi, Nobuyuki Takahashi, Masaki Yuki, Jun'ichi Katayama (Hokkaido University) etc, about 30 participants in total.

May 24 
1:10 - 1:40pm
Opening remark: Shinobu Kitayama (University of Michigan)

1:40pm - 2:30pm
William Gehring (University of Michigan)
Prospects for a Cultural Neuroscience:  Lessons from the History of Cognitive Neuroscience

2:30pm - 3:20pm
Richard Lewis & Sharon G. Goto (Pomona College)
Culture and context: the distribution of electrophysiological activity across time and space

3:35pm - 4:25pm
Motoki Watabe (Waseda University) & Hiroshi Ban (Kyoto University)
Trust Information Processing in Human Brain: an fMRI Study

4:25pm - 5:15pm
Taiki Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
Neuroeconomics of intertemporal and probabilistic decision-making

May 25 
9:30am - 10:20am
Incheol Choi & Sun Hae Sul (Seoul National University)
Culture and the self-reference effect: personality traits vs collective attributes

10:20am - 11:10am
Shihui Han (Peking University)
Culture-invariant and culture-sensitive neural substrates of causal cognition: Neuroimaging of four cultures

11:25am - 12:15pm
Trey Hedden (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Attentional control as a locus of cultural influences on the brain

1:30pm - 2:20pm
Nalini Ambady (Tufts University)
Neural correlates of emotion and mind-reading across cultures

2:20pm - 3:10pm
Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Osaka University)
Are Japanese Spiteful?: An fMRI Study of the Altruistic and Spiteful Behaviors

3:25pm - 4:15pm
Hideki Ohira (Nagoya University)
Brain and body association underlying emotional decision making

Wrap-up session (Facilitator: Keiko Ishii)