The 10th International Workshop "Current issues of environmental psychology in Japan"
Joint Workshop | 2008.9.22

Note: This workshop was jointly held with Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences, Hokkaido University.

Date: September 22, 2008 (Monday) 9:30-12:30

Location: Hokkaido University, The Humanities and Social Science Building, room W309

Speakers: Satoshi Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Kaori Ando (Nara Woman's University), Susumu Ohnuma (Hokkaido University), Shoji Ohtomo (Konan Woman's University)

Discussant: Robert Gifford (University of Victoria)

Satoshi Fujii
Objective and subjective effectiveness of proenvironmental behavior 

Kaori Ando
Determinants of individual and collective pro-environmental behaviors: Comparing Germany and Japan

Susumu Ohnuma
Social dilemma approach to environmental policy decision 

Shoji Ohtomo
Dual-process model of eco-friendly behavior: The roles of intentional and reactive motivation 

Robert Gifford