2011 Working paper series


A socio-ecological approach to cross-cultural differences in rejection sensitivity and taijin kyofusho Kosuke Sato and Masaki Yuki


The moderating effect of relational mobility on the determinants of happiness: A cross-situational comparison (in Japanese) Kosuke Sato, Masaki Yuki, and Kosuke Takemura


Two Faces of Interdependence Hirofumi Hashimoto and Toshio Yamagishi


Is consensus-seeking unique to humans? A selective review of animal group decision-making and its implications for (human) social psychology Tatsuya Kameda, Thomas Wisdom, Wataru Toyokawa, and Keigo Inukai


Comparative study of family environment: Families with developmental disability and typically developing children Keiko Ito and Kazuo Nihira


Acculturation, psychological adjustment, and cultural self-efficacy Keiko Ito


The q-exponential model for probability discounting of gain and loss Ruokang Han and Taiki Takahashi


Social discounting of gain and loss Ruokang Han, Toshio Yamagishi, Haruto Takagishi, and Taiki Takahashi


Trust between Japan and China in Faith Game Experiment (in Japanese) Yang Li


Chinese perception of Guanxi and development of a Guanxi scale (in Japanese) Yang Li


Societal differences in the impact of social exclusion on negative affect and state self-esteem : an investigation from a socio-ecological approach (in Japanese) Shohei Aizu, Masaki Yuki, and Shigehiro Oishi (University of Virginia)


The nature of trust: simultaneous and sequential trust game Mizuho Shinada


General trust and accuracy of trustworthiness judgment Mizuho Shinada, Toshio Yamagishi, and Max Krasnow


A Content Analysis of Social Relationship (Guanxi) in China. (In Japanese) Yang Li

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