2008 Working paper series


Emotional functioning and socio-economic uncertainty: Is "Hikikomori" an indigenous cultural pathology in Japan? Tatsuya Kameda and Keigo Inukai


Democracy under uncertainty: Why self-interested group members cooperate in joint decision tasks Tatsuya Kameda, Takafumi Tsukasaki, and Reid Hastie


Self-judgment and the primitive templates of the mind: Implications for similarity and variability in self-judgment Hyekyung Park and Oscar Ybarra


Perceiving the self through the eyes of others: A cultural study Hyekyung Park, Rie Toriyama, and Shinobu Kitayama


Are French interdependent? National variation in implicit interdependence in Western Europe Hyekyung Park, William Maddux, and Shinobu Kitayama


Difference of money consciousness by social activities -Community currency participants vs. financial institution participants- (in Japanese) Shigeto Kobayashi, Makoto Nishibe, Ken-ichi Kurita, and Takashi Hashimoto


Theory of mind enhances preference for fairness Haruto Takagishi, Shinya Kameshima, Michiko Koizumi, Joanna Schug, and Toshio Yamagishi


Strong reciprocity and reputation management Toshio Yamagishi, Yutaka Horita, and Haruto Takagishi


Outgroup homogeneity effect in perception Keiko Ishii and Shinobu Kitayama


The primal warrior: Outgroup threat priming enhances intergroup discrimination in men but not women Masaki Yuki and Kunihiro Yokota


Social exchange and coalition in intra-group cooperation and inter-group competition Toshio Yamagishi and Nobuhiro Mifune


I know most people know what you mean: The effect of consensus estimation on utterance comprehension Victoria Wai Lan Yeung, Ivy Yee Man Lau, and Chi Yue Chiu


Stereotype-relevant information processing: Does a task with a communication goal analogous to that with an impression formation goal? Victoria Wai Lan Yeung and Yoshihisa Kashima


Culture and stereotype communication: Are people from Eastern cultures more stereotypical in communication? Victoria Wai Lan Yeung and Yoshihisa Kashima

In CEFOM/21 program (Center for the Study of Cultural and Ecological Foundations of the Mind, a 21st Century Center of Excellence) which ended on March, 2007, 72 working papers have been published. Those working papers were moved to Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences (CERSS) which inherited the heritage of educational research from CEFOM/21 program. You can get the abstracts of those working papers from No.73 at this page.

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