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June 18, 2014 - Our paper “A Socio-Ecological Approach to Cross-Cultural Differences in the Sensitivity to Social Rejection: The Partially Mediating Role of Relational Mobility” (co-authored by Kosuke Sato, Masaki Yuki & Vinai Norasakkunkit) has got accepted for publication in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology!

June 11, 2014  – Masaki Yuki gave an invited lecture at Institut für Psychologie in Universität Osnabrück (Germany). The lecture title was “Intergroup Comparison and Intragroup Relationships: Group Processes in the Cultures of Individualism and Collectivism.”

April 1, 2014 - Kunihiro Yokota (ex-grad student) has moved to the School of Advanced Sciences at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies as a Research Fellow. Congratulations!

April 1, 2014 – Kosuke Takemura, Ph.D. (ex-grad student) has moved to the Faculty of Economics, Shiga University as an associate professor. Congratulations!

Feb. 20, 2014 – Junko Yamada achieved an 2014 IARR Student Travel Award/Scholarship from the International Association for Relationship Research. Congrats!!

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